Passion Projects

Breaking Through

Have you ever felt like you're on the verge of accomplishing something huge and important in your life? All you have to do is work just a little bit more, push a little further, buy a little more time…I was stuck in this state of mind for awhile before I realized that to achieve my goal, I first needed to take a moment and reflect on the major milestones of my journey so far. That’s when I came up with the idea of the BREAKING THROUGH project.

My goal is to visualize the important milestones along the entrepreneurial journey, portray the chaotic and dynamic nature of transformation and also share the insights and stories of people who are consciously changing themselves. This project is very personal and kinda messy as it evolves along with me. I hope it will inspire you to keep breaking through.


Visual storytelling is challenging and fascinating to me. I truly admire people who can tell a story using only beautiful light, emotional gestures and powerful lines in the photos. As I’m striving to master this skill, I decided that it would be interesting to collect all the stories in one place and see how things change over time. Fortunately, there are absolutely amazing people who come into my life and tell me about their adventures, values and philosophies. They inspire me to do my best work and to share their energy, insights and stories with others.