Everything you need to know about a Headshot Day

Everything you need to know about a Headshot Day

As everything in this world, Headshot Day has its strong and weak sides. If you want to know about all the pros and cons of getting the pictures during a Headshot Day, this post is for you. But first, let me tell you briefly what happens during a Headshot Day.

How does it work?

The rules are simple. Once or twice a month I organize Headshot Days in co-working spaces in Prague. I bring all my lighting equipment and set up a mini studio right at the co-working space. If you sign up and come to the 30-minute session during the Headshot Day you get 3 retouched photos within one week after the session and forget about your "photo problem" for the next 5-10 years.

Professional business portrait of an expat entrepreneur in Prague


Fair price. Normally studio photographers charge around 3000 crowns for a portrait session in Prague. During the Headshot Day, you can get your pictures done for 2000 crowns or even less. Pay attention to the early bird deals.

Best location. If you are a member of a co-working space where the Headshot Day is organized you won't even have to leave the place. Save time and money ;)

Hi-end post-production is included. I always retouch the pictures in Photoshop and fix the dark circles, puffy eyes, skin imperfections, messy hair, wrinkly shirts etc. My goal is to make you look fresh and natural.

Your pictures, your choice. We are always working together as a team to make you look great in the pictures. We go through the pictures during the session, choose the best angles and expressions, repeat and get the results.

Photo tips. I'm fully aware that you probably have never done a photo session before. And I guess you might feel a bit nervous and awkward in front of the camera. That's normal, I will tell you what to do, what to think about and help you to overcome your fears.

Skype session. If you want to talk about the pictures and preparation for the photo session we can arrange a Skype call. I would love to hear from you!

Professional business portrait of a young woman in a suit expat in Prague


Limited time. Normally, 30-minute photo session is enough for getting 3 amazing headshots. However, if you come later, you make your session shorter. So, please, don't be late :)

Headshots are not portraits. I will take photos of your face, the pictures are going to look like the ones that you see in this post. If you want to have half-body or full-body shots we can make them during a portrait session in a studio.

White or grey background. If you want to have something different on the background, we can meet up for a portrait session outdoors or in a studio.

Professional portrait of a smiling young man with dark hair in Prague
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