What to wear to a photo session? Ideas for girls.

What to wear to a photo session? Ideas for girls.

If you are going to the professional photo session it is pretty important to think about your look beforehand. That's why I decided to share some useful tips and rules that would help you to look better in the pictures.

First of all, keep it simple. During the photo session, we will focus on you, not your outfit. Your clothes should enhance your beauty, not distract attention from your face.

Secondly, as Tony Robbins once said: "People like people who are like themselves; or who are like they would like to be." That is why you need to think about not only your style and personality but also about the way how your target audience looks like.  It's a simple idea but keep it in mind when you decide whether to put on something more formal or casual.

Speaking of styles, be very careful about choosing the clothes with very explicit style like boho, drama, retro, Avangard etc. It is better to choose a smart casual or classy style unless it is really important for you to show your sense of fashion.

Professional business portrait of young woman on white background in Prague

If you are coming for the headshot session then only the top part of your outfit will be visible in the pictures. You can put on a simple shirt, dress or even a t-shirt as long as it fits your goals. It is always better to leave the neck open, it makes you look more natural and welcoming in the pictures. However, if you show too much skin, it might look not very professional, so stay away from off-shoulder tops, for example.

Choose the colors of your outfit wisely. I recommend avoiding black and white colors because they look too boring in the pictures. Pastel colors make you look younger and fresher. Dark colors make you look more serious and professional.  Bright, saturated colors might distract attention from your face, be very careful with them.

Be aware of the prints on your clothes. The thing is that people always pay attention to big geometric figures in the pictures, that is why big elements will distract viewers attention from your face. It is better to go for small geometric, abstract or flowery patterns, they don't distract the attention and make your look more interesting.

Professional business headshot of a young African woman on white background in Prague

When you are done with the outfit, think about your makeup. Main rule: keep it natural. Make sure that your skin tone is even, define your eyebrows and use a lip balm or lipstick to bring more life to your face. If you want to take it to the higher level - add gentle blush. It will make you look fresher in the pictures.

What to do with the hair? Nothing special, there is no need to change your hairstyle just for the photo session. You can put it into a ponytail or a bun if you want to look more organized and trustworthy. Surprisingly people trust you more when they see your jawline clearly. Or you can let your hair be loose, then you will look more relaxed and welcoming.

If you have any questions, I'm here for you! You can write me, send the pictures or call me, I will help you in case you have any doubts :)

Professional business portrait of a young woman with curly ginger hair on white background in Prague
What to wear to a photo session? Five rules for guys.

What to wear to a photo session? Five rules for guys.