My name is Tatiana, I am a professional business portrait photographer.

If I had to put my story in one sentence, I would say: “I got into photography by accident, but stayed for a reason.”

I always liked photography but I could never imagine myself working as a photographer, until one day three years ago my husband suggested taking photos together. Even though I was casually snapping pictures beforehand, I had to learn a lot on my own about the technical, artistic and psychological aspects of photography. The process of transition was challenging and often overwhelming, but surprisingly it felt very natural to hold the camera in my hands and direct people in front of me.

For the last three years, I’ve been exploring different kinds of photography, its history and philosophy, trying to figure out what does it mean to me personally. I realized that for me photography is all about connection. I’m striving to connect to other people and myself and create moments of full presence and group flow. It’s fascinating for me to explore how to open up people, guide them through the experience and help them to overcome their fears.

I’m still searching for my style, exploring and learning new things about photography, people and business. It’s been an interesting journey and I enjoy every bit of it. Let’s see where this path brings me!


My name is Tatiana, I am a professional portrait photographer.

I love to capture fire in the people's eyes, catch the teams in moments of glory and craft beautiful light in my studio. I am inspired by people who are transforming themselves, fighting for independence and have enough courage and curiosity to step outside of comfort zone. Passionate entrepreneurs, energetic freelancers and active business teams help me to do my best work. My goal is to help them get visible and share their stories. I'm always open to new projects and would be happy to create with you!


People Say

What I like the most about my job is that I can help people achieve their goals. It doesn't matter if a project is big or small, we would always work on it together and achieve the desired results. Feel free to read a few testimonials to learn about the experience of my clients.

Do you want to get the best of you in the picture? Contact Tatiana. She will help you to relax, encourage you to be yourself and finally take great photos. Not talking about a very clever chat you have in the meantime. More than a usual photo shooting experience.

Petra Rybysarova

Petra Rybysarova

Independent Consultant

Had an amazing session with Tatiana! I usually don’t like to be photographed, but with Tatiana overall atmosphere was very comfortable and I have managed to relax completely. She shared some useful tips on how to pose which I will definitely use during the next photo session. The final photos ended up absolutely amazing! I have never had such a beautiful portrait photo which I can proudly put on my professional social network. Would definitely recommend Tatiana’s work.

Aida Pestelic

Aida Pestelic

UX designer

Had 2 great sessions for professional pictures with Tatiana. She managed to deliver fast and efficient work in her photo studio as well as our office thus demonstrating high adaptability to our demands. And we had great fun! We decided to collaborate with her for future projects. Highly recommend her human touch and work!

Damien Boubou

Damien Boubou

Startup Founder

My passion projects

Black and white photo of a woman flying up on silks taken within the Breaking Through Project
Breaking Through

Have you ever felt like you're on the verge of accomplishing something huge and important in your life? All you have to do is work just a little bit more, push a little further, buy a little more time…I was stuck in this state of mind for awhile before I realized that to achieve my goal, I first needed to take a moment and reflect on the major milestones of my journey so far. That’s when I came up with the idea of the BREAKING THROUGH project.

My goal is to visualize the important milestones along the entrepreneurial journey, portray the chaotic and dynamic nature of transformation and also share the insights and stories of people who are consciously changing themselves. This project is very personal and kinda messy as it evolves along with me. I hope it will inspire you to keep breaking through.

Your Story From Scratch

Visual storytelling is challenging and fascinating to me. I truly admire people who can tell a story using only beautiful light, emotional gestures and powerful lines in the photos. As I’m striving to master this skill, I decided that it would be interesting to collect all the stories in one place and see how things change over time. Fortunately, there are absolutely amazing people who come into my life and tell me about their adventures, values and philosophies. They inspire me to do my best work and to share their energy, insights and stories with others. Visual storytelling is not as easy as it seems -- it actually requires time and energy from both sides. I'm deeply grateful to all the heroes who went with me through this experience to craft their stories. Have a look around, check out the posts, and let me know if you want to become a part of this project.


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