Thinking about finally getting your own set of professional portraits? Luckily for you, there’s a handful of benefits in your favor. Check out these five reasons why having your own professional photos can really benefit you: 

1. The Halo Effect

Have you ever looked at a photo of an attractive, well-dressed person and thought that he or she must also be smart, successful and popular? That’s called the halo effect. If you look attractive in your pictures, you’re also very likely to benefit from the halo effect and charm people even before you meet them in person. Now isn’t that a life hack or what? 🙂 

2. Level up your game

When you’re focused on improving yourself to get where you want to be, there’s that saying of faking it till you make it. The thing is, it’s a whole lot easier when you have some powerful professional portraits to lift your image to the level you want to be seen. It’s time we show everyone who you’re really about to become.

Blue and purple portrait of a young woman on dark background

3. Make a great first impression

Studies show that people make a snap judgment about others within 40 milliseconds. Subconsciously, people are registering whether you’re trustworthy or suspicious, whether you are a passive follower or a highly competent leader. A beautiful professional photo can really help you to present yourself in the right way to leave a great impression.

4. Master your facial expressions

When people look at your pictures, they try to understand what kind of person you are. Unfortunately, certain facial Micro-expressions might be very misleading. It’s hard to control them on your own and because of it, many people don’t look the way they want to in the pictures. It is important to give people the right cues by managing the micro-expressions on your face in your portrait photos – and I can definitely help you with that during our photo session!

Professional lifestyle photo of a woman in orange dress looking at blue sky

5. Feel confident about your headshots and portraits

By already having a series of professional and quality portraits for you to choose from, you can always be a few steps ahead and 100% prepared to present yourself anytime you need. Your corporate headshots and business portraits on your website and social networks work in your favor to present you in the best light possible. Having a powerful professional photo is like the cherry on top of your cake, it’s something that gives you extra points and makes you really stand out.

Curious to see how competent, likable and influential you look in your photos right now? Test them out for free at Photofeeler. Or send them to me and I will give you my opinion as a professional photographer!

If you want to look approachable, professional and trustworthy and tell your unique story through the visuals, then choose the photo session that works best for you and get your honest emotional headshots and powerful business portraits done!

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