If you want to show yourself in the best way in the pictures, you need to think about your outfit before the photo session. Here are five basic rules that would help you to look better in the photos.

Rule #1: Keep it simple

First of all, your outfit should not distract attention from your face. Ideally, it should also tell the viewers something about you and your style. Most importantly, your clothes should fit you well and look clean and fresh.

Professional headshot of young man with blue eyes in blue shirt on white background

Rule #2: Style matters

Choosing a business casual or smart casual style is always a safe bet. However, if you want to dig deeper think about the following questions:

  1. How does your target audience look like? Do they wear t-shirts or suits?
  2. How do you want to be seen? As a peer, as an expert, as a friend?
  3. How do they see you right now and do you want to change it?

Answers to these questions would help to choose appropriate outfit and make you look professional, approachable and trustworthy in the photos.

Casual business portrait of male graphic designer at work

Rule #3: Choose your colors

Generally, pastel colors make you look fresh and young, dark colors make you look more serious and mature in the photos. Bright saturated colors might distract attention from your face and make you look unprofessional. Usually, I also recommend avoiding black and white colors because they look too bland in the pictures. Moreover, it’s better to stay away from light green color, because it makes your skin look more pink than usual.

If you want to get the photos for your website, then consider wearing an outfit that supports colors of your brand and fits your style.

Blue and orange portrait of a young man on dark background

Rule #4: Patterns and details

People always pay attention to the big geometric figures in the pictures. This is why such elements as contrasting buttons, bold prints or extra details on your shirt will distract viewers attention from your face. It’s better to choose the outfit with small geometric patterns or no patterns at all to make sure you look professional in your business portraits.

Powerful business portrait of international entrepreneur on white background

Rule #5: Be aware of the crop

If you are coming to the headshot session, only your face and shoulders will be visible in the pictures. If you want to make the portraits, then at least half of your body will be in the frame, which means that you need to think whether your shirt and pants match with each other.

What’s next?

When you chose your perfect outfit for a photo session, you have two options. You can take photos on your own or ask me to help you out. If you decide to do it yourself, feel free to check a DIY guide that I made for you. If you want to have a photo session with me, then check out my services! And if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to write to me! I’m always happy to help 🙂

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