Natural portrait of a woman with dark hair in a room

Pavla Lokajova is an aspiring solution journalist, influencer and public speaker. She believes that nowadays the media gives less and less room for intelligent, thought-provoking discussion and wants to change it in the future. Her passion, curiosity and open-minded attitude grabbed my attention from the very first time we’ve met and made me believe that this woman can change the world.

Pavla is a natural storyteller and she uses her gift to help active companies in the Czech Republic present themselves better and talk openly about their values, history and corporate culture. Connecting personal stories and business endeavors, searching for the deeper purpose and meaning, Pavla is striving to show the human side of every company and facilitate the development of employer branding.

Our goal was to create photos for her business website and show her as a confident professional, yet a thoughtful and emotional human being. We decided to stay away from a typical business portrait look and focused on showing her personality through the details. Even though Pavla works in a digital environment, she strives to stay closer to the real world. Her approach inspired me to play with the natural morning light and show how Pavla is working with her notes or carefully going through the books. When we found a perfect cozy photo studio in Prague, we set up a date for a photo session and let the magic happen.

Nowadays I see more and more people who take their business projects very personally. For them, it’s a way to express themselves and create something unique as they are. I love to take business portraits of such entrepreneurs because I can focus on telling more about the person in front of my camera. Our reputation, values, a personal brand is something that we build over time, work on it step by step. I’m happy that I could help Pavla to put one more stone in the foundation of her business and reveal a bit more about her personality through the photos.

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